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Liebes Ecke [entries|friends|calendar]
White Queen

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*_* Flynn... [12 May 2012|11:28pm]
OMG! This chubby little boy!!!! *loves*

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This and That... [08 May 2012|06:40pm]
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011:

Maroon 5 and....Orli! ;) He's so cute... *.*

And what about these?

 +1Collapse )

I did not know about this "Me&City" photoshoot. When did he do it? I have really no idea. Anyway, I like him! :)
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My Valentine [14 Apr 2012|03:10pm]
My Valentine, featuring Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp! Directed by Paul McCartney.

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Here right now... [31 Mar 2012|02:26pm]
Hello everybody!

Long time no see! ;p I'm still alive anyway. *lol*
How are you? I'm...well, quite fine.

I saw this clip and wanted to share it with you. If you like musicals (or "Ghost", for exemple), check out "HERE RIGHT NOW" from "GHOST" in a version from the German musical stars Jan Ammann & Katja Berg:

(Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wyy_YXu4dnQ&feature=youtu.be)


I really like the way they sing this song together, their voices are so beautiful. Besides, Jan is my favorite German musical singer. He's not only a very hot guy; his voice is simply amazing.
I saw him live and it was one of the most beautiful days of my life. *heart eyes*
He's also a very gentle, humble and good person. A great artist, with a big heart and a great gift.

Anyway, if you like some kind of music and songs, try to hear it! ;) Hope you like it. This song makes me smile.

Take care, friends!
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*lol* [20 Mar 2012|11:19pm]

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Dark Shadows: trailer! [16 Mar 2012|03:15pm]

*loves Johnny*
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Liv sings for Givenchy [16 Feb 2012|04:02pm]
OMG!!! *-* Aw! She rocks! ;)

On the occasion of the launch of Very Irrésistible Givenchy Electric Rose, discover Liv Tyler's reinterpretation of the hit single Need You Tonight and the music video shot by Johan Renck.

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R.I.P Whitney [12 Feb 2012|02:19pm]
I hope life treats you kind
And I hope you have all you've dreamed of.
And I wish to you, joy and happiness.
But above all this, I wish you love...

Sad news today... :(
I really liked her voice, one of the most beautiful female voices ever!

You can have diamonds in the hands
Have all the riches in the land
But without love you don't really have a thing
When somebody cares that you're alive
When somebody trusts you with their life
That's when you know
That you have all you need
You hold this world's most priceless gift
The finest treasure that there is
You can look back and know
You were loved

Oh, You were loved by someone
Touched by someone
Held by someone
Meant something to someone
Loved somebody
Touched somebody's heart along the way
You can look back and say
Yes you were, now

From one of my fave songs...

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Merry Christmas! [24 Dec 2011|12:30pm]
Hello everybody!

I wish you a very merry Chirstmas and a happy 2012!

If the thumbnail of the vid doesn't work, here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El2Q22GzTbs&sns=fb

With love,
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Easter parade... [22 Apr 2011|03:43pm]
Hi everyone!
How are you? I hope you're fine. I'm ok, with still nothing special or new to be told...But, after all, I'm ok and...still alive! ;p
I'm here to wish all of you  a very happy Easter! Enjoy these free days and the (hoping) sunny weather! ;)

And remember that...

...from me! *winks*

With Love,
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Valentine's Day [14 Feb 2011|02:59pm]

A sweet Valentine's Day to all you!
Even though you're single just like me! ;p

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How To Make People Paranoid [20 Jan 2011|03:09pm]
[ mood | cold ]



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Baby Bloom! [19 Jan 2011|09:49pm]

AAAAAAAAAWWW welcome sweet Flynn Bloom!

Source (with a bigger pic)

On the 6th of January I gave birth to our beautiful little son Flynn. He weighed 9lb 12 ounces (a very healthy and big baby boy). I gave birth to him naturally; without any pain medication and it was a long, arduous and difficult labour, but Orlando was with me the whole time supporting and guiding me through it.  I could not have done it without him.
We are so happy and are enjoying our time together as a family.  He is our little ray of sunshine.
Thank you everyone for your beautiful well wishes and your lovely thoughts and comments. I haven’t had a lot of time to read many comments or to respond, but please know I will when I get a chance.

The attached picture is one that Orlando took of us.

Much love Miranda and Orlando

Congratulations to Orlando and Miranda!

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[01 Jan 2011|03:06pm]
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My 2010 [31 Dec 2010|03:29pm]
And, of course, my personal comment to 2010:

Happy 2011 [31 Dec 2010|02:26pm]

To everyone! *hugs*
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*lol* [29 Dec 2010|11:05pm]

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Happy Holidays! [23 Dec 2010|10:51pm]
I'm a bit early but I'll be busy next days, so...I want to wish to all of you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Have a very pleasant Chirstmas Day!

With love,

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*LOL* [17 Dec 2010|11:00pm]
Quick note: it snows! But it's also sooooooo freezy! BRRRRRRR!

Just take a look here, it's hilarious!

What if Jesus were born in Google, Facebook and Youtube age?

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DO NOT... [08 Dec 2010|09:43pm]
Take a look, it's fun! *lol* ;-p

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